BNI 21/3/2013

Good morning, my name is Simon and my business is LDS IT Solutions

Do you, your clients and your friends want zero stress with computers, then we are your guys. We can help will all kinds of IT questions and crisis. Doesn’t matter if you’re a pc or a mac, technophobe, we are here to help and what we don’t know about technology probably isn’t worth knowing.

We support and sell all types of computers and we know what they are capable of. So before you go off and buy something shiny give us a call and we’ll offer our advice free of charge and maybe save you some money.

We provide computer support for all types of businesses, from 1 man bands to 300 user enterprises. We have a fully stocked shop, trained engineers and knowledgeable staff on hand to help with any technology query.

We are looking for new clients who would like faster Internet, reliable computers, no spam or virus’s and trouble free It. We are happy to consult with any small business about their technology and We offer set price audits to get them started on the right path.

So if its IT or computer related LDS IT!

Im Simon Vernon, thanks for listening.

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