Bni – 26/09/2012

Bni 26/09/2012

Hello my name is simon vernon, my company is LDS IT and we are based in Harrogate in the hookstone area.

We are certified Microsoft computer engineers and we specialise in IT for small and medium sized businesses. So If you know of anyone who complains about their computers or their internet connections, has concerns about their IT support or worries they’re being left behind by technology then they need to speak to me. We can consult, plan, manage, install and provide ongoing maintenance for all projects large and small.

We don’t just fix computers, we manage the infrastructure businesses rely on for their operations, we can monitor it, 24/7 if required and we can act on that information fixing issues before they become problems.

This week I am installing a server, networks and desktops for a new energy company and i am planning for 2 further server installations. While I was away i updated my website and our monitoring and alerts systems which proved valuable to a client this week when it alerted us to a potential failure that would have been significantly disruptive to their business.

The are the kind of referrals I’m looking for this week are local businesses like redline racing, zebra square ltd or any of the bed and breakfast and  small hotels along kings road.

I’m simon vernon, LDS IT.
IT’s easy with LDS IT

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