BNI 28/2/2013

BNI 28/2/2013

Good morning everyone, I’m simon vernon and my business is LDS IT and we are Microsoft IT experts specialising in IT services for small businesses

I’m looking for referrals to start up businesses, 1 man bands and growing companies who are not sure how to get the most out of their IT for the money. We can advise them on the best software products for their and how to save money by only buying what is required.

We supply everything needed to set up an office including laptops, desktops, broadband, network hardware and software. We are an Epson service centre so we can even provide support and service for your office printer.

As businesses expand the need for more centralised IT grows and we can help here to. We can provide Server and cloud based services which match the clients budget.

We offer set price IT audits with a full report ( in english, no jargon) and our recommendations for future IT acquisitions

So why am I different. I’ve worked and successfully built and supported many different types of IT system for a wide range of business sectors. I know how to integrate Technologies so users can use them, increasing productivity, decreasing frustration and saving businesses money and time! After all, That’s what it’s all about.

I’m simon vernon LDS it,
Happily dealing with your IT

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