BNI 28/3/2013

Good morning, my name is Simon and my business is LDS IT Solutions

We support and sell all types of computers and we specialise in helping small businesses get the most out of their IT investments. That can be laptops, desktops, servers or the Internet. We look after all types of businesses, from 1 man bands to 300 user enterprises, from hair dressers to football clubs and everything in between . We have a fully stocked shop, trained engineers and knowledgeable staff on hand to help with any technology query.

Yahoo were hacked last week, thousands of email accounts were compromised and the passwords exposed. Most people use the same password for every website because remembering 20 passwords is difficult. This means if you have a yahoo account all your accounts are exposed. I can pass on a method of only having to remember 1 password yet every password is different. If you want to know how ask me afterwards.

We are seeking new clients who would like to be armed with the knowledge of how to keep secure their business data or if they don’t want to know but would like looking after the we are happy to help.

So if its IT or computer related LDS IT!

Im Simon Vernon, thanks for listening.

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