Bni – 4/10/2012

Bni 4/10/2012

Hello my name is simon vernon, my company is LDS IT and we are based in Harrogate behind pc world.

Like PC World, we do supply desktops, laptops, servers, network equipment, broadband connections and cloud services but unlike pc world we offer professional advice backed by 12 years solid experience and certified engineers. We deliver on our promises, manage installations and offer full support for businesses and individuals. We don’t sell fridges.

We offer system monitoring too, we can monitor a server or network in any location, getting reports sent directly to the engineers who manage them, preventing many minor issues becoming major problems.

This week I have assisted in moving a business to their new offices. During the move  they consulted with me about how to manage their increasing number of requests for support and parts so I am now developing a ticketing system which will allow them to log, manage and allocate responsibility of customer requests to their staff.  This will take about 4 weeks to deploy but will save them time and money.

You can refer me with confidence because I’m Microsoft certified, I’m experienced in business IT solutions for small to large organisations and I can provide client references for a wide range of past and current projects.

I’m simon vernon, LDS IT.
IT’s easy with LDS IT

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