BNI – 23/8/2012

BNI 23/8/2012

Hello my name is Simon Vernon, my company is LDS IT and we are based in Harrogate in the Hookstone area.

We deal with most aspects of computing and business IT, from desktops, laptops, servers to Internet connections, wireless and wired networks and software.

If you know of anyone who complains about their computers or their internet connections, moans about their IT support or worries they’re being left behind by technology then they need to speak to me. I’ll happily consult with them, devise a plan, manage procurement, installation and support their IT from start to finish.

This week Is patch week which means we deploy to every computer, laptop and server all of the updates from Microsoft for this month. Without these updates computers can be vulnerable  to virus and other Internet nastys.  This is something we cover as part of our maintenance agreements and is a core component of our preventative management ethos.

A good referral would be a company who want an IT health check or have concerns about updates, antivirus or security. A perfect referral would be a company who is moving premises or looking to upgrade their computers and network.

I’m Simon Vernon, LDS IT.
If you think it’s expensive hiring a professional wait until you’ve hired an amateur.

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