BNI 8/5/2013

Im Simon vernon and my business is LDS IT Solutions

We support and sell all types of computers and we specialise in looking after all types of companies, from 1 man bands to 300 user enterprises, from media and marketing to electricians and plumbers

Small businesses generally don’t employ an IT expert, they might have someone who knows a little about IT but having an expert on the end of the phone can save money and time.

we have extensive small business experience and and knowledge. we can be your virtual IT department. We can be called upon to fix a desktop, sort email problems or make their broadband work. We can set up easy backups that work, create disaster recovery plans, advise on infrastructure, servers and networks.

Microsoft have been changing their software offerings again. They now don’t want you to buy the software but lease it. By they doing this they have made the option to purchase the software more expansive. So this week I’m looking for clients who buy their software or computers from pc world as I can defiantly save them money.

So if its IT or computer related LDS IT!

Im Simon Vernon, your hired geek

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