Networks and Internet

Networking your businessnetworks and internet

LDS IT can help you with all connectivity from Networks, Wireless, Broadband and Mobile. We work closely with a number of broadband networks and telecommunications companies to get you the best speeds, reliability and prices. Your networks and internet connections are the backbone of your systems and should be given extra priority to keep your business connected. We can provide you with a full health check including reports, broadband analysis and outside connectivity checks to confirm your business is not blacklisted or has poor configurations which can be the cause of email / website problems.

Broadband and Fibre networks and internet connections

With the introduction of Fibre To The Cabinet and Fibre To The Premise networks currently being installed by BT we can plan your future connectivity. We can also assist and develop community based networks for geographical areas that suffer limited broadband capabilities. We work with hardware and network partners to deliver 1st class broadband products where they are needed.  Yorkshire are currently investing in super fast broadband and we have partnerships with the vendors. See here for more information



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