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LDS IT works extensively with Asterisk telecom solutions for enterprise. Asterisk is an opensource software Private Branch eXchange¬† that is now becoming a popular business telephone system. Asterisk powers some of the largest VOIP providers in the world, and is by far the solution with the most “value” of anything on the market today.

Here are some reasons why wetelecom solutions for enterprise have committed ourselves to selling and supporting Asterisk:

Extreme Cost Reduction: combined with low-cost telephony hardware, Asterisk can be used to create a PBX at a fraction of the price of traditional PBX while providing a level of functionality exceeding that of many of the most expensive systems available.

Asterisk allows the user to take control of their phone system. Once a call is in a server with Asterisk, anything can be done to it. In the same way that Apache gives the user fine-grained control over virtually every aspect of web hosting operations the same applies to Asterisk.

Because Asterisk is Open Source and is implemented in software, not only does it provide features such as voice mail, voice menus, IVR, and conferencing which are very expensive for proprietary systems, but it also allows new features to be added rapidly and with minimal effort.

Through its internationalization support, configuration files, and source code, every aspect of Asterisk can be tweaked. For example, Asterisk’s codes for call features can be changed to match an existing system.



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